Discomustachio strikes again…

Profiles in Courage: The House GOP

Nothing says courage like running on a platform of repealing the ACA in 2012, losing the Electoral college and Presidency, losing seats in the Senate, losing the popular vote in the House (though retaining control of the House with the time honored and bi-partisan process of Gerrymandering), and losing a Constitutionality challenge by a Conservative Supreme Court, only to then refuse to appoint conferees to iron out a budget 18 times (for which the Left caves and agrees to a budget number super close to what the right wanted),shut down the government, and then threaten to not raise the debt ceiling-which is the surest way to cause a global financial panic, since markets hate instability. I mean, since the only thing foreign investors find more problematic to our debt is complete instability within the Federal Government, resembling something akin to a non violent Civil War, I applaud the tenacity and courage it must take to convince yourself that you’re not fucking insane, Jesus loves you, Fox News is always right, and somehow causing instability while being in the minority is an awesome fucking idea. Bunch of fucking nimrods…


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